May News and Deals!
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We will be closed Victoria Day Monday May 22nd 

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Customer Appreciation Day 
The first Wednesday of every month is Customer Appreciation Day. Get 10% off on select products in the store.

Our next Customer Appreciation Day is this Wednesday, May 3rd. 
Microwavable Meals

We now have microwavable meals and other food available in the ready made section of our deli. This includes sandwhiches, homemade soups and lunch specials from our Bruin Cafe.
Happy Hour
 Choose one of your favorites off our menu on Thursdays and Fridays after 3 P.M and enjoy a glass of wine or beer for only 

Bruin Cafe...Now open Thurdays and Fridays until 7:30 PM
 Early Bird Special
Bacon & Eggs

 During weekdays we are now offering an Early Bird Breakfast, which includes two eggs, toast and your choice of ham, sausage or bacon.

Only $4.99
Available from 8 A.M - 10:30 A.M
Monday - Friday

 Monthly Special
Chicken Fingers and Fries  
Chicken Fingers

For the entire month of May we are promoting our Chicken Fingers served with Dill Sauce and your choice of soup, salad or fries


only $9.95  
Regular $10.50

Thursday and Friday's
Buy one get the other dinner at 1/2 price

 Every Thursday and Friday evenings we will be featuring specials for lunch and dinner, fantastic homemade food at an even better price! Click the link below for more details and a coupon for 1/2 price on your second meal
Monthly restaurant Specials

Click hear to see our full menu

Whipped Cream
mothers day cake
Our whipped cream cakes are our most popular cakes. Available in many different sizes and a assortment of fillings. Click here for more information. 

Customize one for Mothers Day!

Made in our own bakery, we take our homemade almond paste and make marzipan before putting it on a biscuit and dipping it in delicious melted milk chocolate. Available in store for those who love the sweets

Only $2.99 each
This Month's Feature
6 inch Tortes
This Month we will be featuring 6 inch Tortes for Mothers Day. We know that sometimes a 12 inch Torte may be too much cake, so we now offer smaller tortes for those smaller family get togethers. Preorder required


Blue Cheese
Imported from England, Wensleydale blue is a bold, flavor filled cheese for those who like a more powerful punch on the pallet. Ask for a sample in store!

$2.99 per 100 G
$4.99 per 100 g


 Aged Goat

New to our Goat Cheese selection, Cave Aged Goats Cheese is an English matured goat cheese which has a mellow and nutty flavor without being too crumbly. A great choice for those Goat cheese lovers who want something with a bit more flavor 

with Chives

Imported from Ireland, this mild cheddar is infused with chives to give it that unique flavor, all while keeping a creamy texture throughout. Fantastic on crackers or on its own!

Imports and Specials
eduscho coffee
Imported from Germany, this is our best selling coffee. It has excellent flavor and we are offering it at a great price.
or buy more than 1
Regular $9.99


Hengstenberg Knax Crunchy Gherkins

Knax Pickles

One of our top selling products and by far our best selling pickle, enjoy at a fantastic price while quantities last! 


$6.49 each
 or buy more than 1
$6.00 each




Bread Spreads
New to The Bake Oven are these delicious spreads which come in a variety of flavors. Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Duo Spread and Hazelnut all compliment just about anything you wish to have them with. The quality is fantastic and we strongly recommend trying these if you enjoy a good spread.